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  • Jul-23: Dirty Three- Chronology updated.
  • Apr-23: Simon Bonney- Chronology updated.
  • Mar-23: Congo Norvell- Chronology updated.
  • Nov-22: New York Dolls- Chronology updated.
  • Oct-22: Crime & The City Solution- Chronology updated.
  • Dec-20: The Scientists- Chronology added.
  • Jul-20: Lydia Lunch- Chronology/Discography updated.
  • Dec-19: Gun Club- Chronology updated.
  • Aug-19: Suicide- Chronology updated.
  • Jul-19: Die Haut- Chronology/Discography/Videography added.
  • Jun-18: The Saints- Chronology added.
  • Jun-17: Rowland S.Howard- Chronology/Discography added.
  • Dec-16: Boys Next Door- Chronology/Discography added.
  • Jul-16: Simon Bonney- Chronology/Discography/Filmography added.
  • Feb-16: China/Mars- Chronology added.
  • Dec-15: Congo Norvell- Chronology/Discography added.
  • Nov-15: Fur Bible- Chronology added.
  • Aug/Dec-14: Dirty Three- Chronology finalized.
  • Dec-13/Jun-14: Lydia Lunch section brought up to date.
  • Aug-12: All pages brought up to date.
  • Aug-11: Dirty Three -Chronology/Discography/Videography added.
  • Aug-10: Crime & The City Solution -Chronology/Discography/Videography added.
  • Jul/Dec-09: Gun Club- continuous updates.
  • Jun-09: Gun Club- Discography/Videography uploaded.
  • Apr-09: Gun Club- Chronology (part III) uploaded.
  • Jan-09: Gun Club- Chronology (part II) uploaded.
  • Dec-08: Gun Club- Chronology (part I) uploaded.
  • Nov-08: The Scientists -Discography added.
  • Oct-08: New York Dolls - Chronology added.
  • Sep-08: Suicide - Chronology added.
  • 31-Aug-08: Lydia Lunch- added about 400 dates to the 'Spoken' word section of the Chronology.
  • 15-Jun-08: Einstürzende Neubauten- Chronology (part III) updated with 2008 tour info.
  • 15-Jun-08: Lydia Lunch- Chronology nearly finalised.
  • 15-Feb-07: Lydia Lunch- start of uploading the Chronology.
  • 01-Feb-07: Lydia Lunch- uploaded the Filmography.
  • 21-Jan-07: Lydia Lunch- uploaded the Videography.
  • 01-Jan-07: Lydia Lunch- uploaded the Bibliography.
  • 30-Nov-06: Lydia Lunch- uploaded the Discography.
  • 31-Jan-06: Einstürzende Neubauten- all sections updated.
  • 31-Aug-05: Einstürzende Neubauten- Chronology (part III) uploaded.
  • 09-May-05: Einstürzende Neubauten- Chronology (part II) uploaded.
  • 01-May-05: Moved to another webhosting company.
  • 02-Jan-05: Einstürzende Neubauten- Chronology (part I) uploaded.
  • 30-Oct-04: Einstürzende Neubauten- All sections (except Chronology) uploaded. Updates to all other bands.
  • 25-Jul-04: Nick Cave - Discography up + Chronology updated.
  • 11-Apr-04: Birthday Party Chronology & Discography + Nick Cave Chronology small updates.
  • 14-Mar-04: 'For Trade' page updated.
  • 11-Nov-03: Nick Cave - Chronology & Recording sessions section up
  • 22-Aug-03: Added 'For Trade' page.
  • July 2003: Major update of Birthday Party - Chronology, Discography sections.
  • November 2002: Plan to have the Birthday Party - Biography section up
  • 16-Nov-02: Photos, ads and minor corrections/updates added to the Birthday Party - Chronology section
  • 01-Sep-02: Birthday Party - Chronology, Discography, Recording sessions & Bibliography sections up
  • 01-Sep-02: Web site launch


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